Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote in paper_nautili,
Claire Hummel

Welcome to Paper Nautili, the sketch blog for the residents of Suite 316 and our league of friends here at risd. This is our first shot at a communal sketch blog, and is, to be quite frank, not very polished at the moment. When I'm not up to my eyebrows in commission deadlines, I'll take time to set a theme and colour scheme for the main page, maybe add a few more icons, but it's up for now and that's fine.

For those posting, we all know each other, presumably, and so whatever posting guidelines there are are unspoken. I would like to make sure, however, that people us the marvelous lj-cut function in the case of NSFW art- art you wouldn't want your boss seeing on your computer at work. By writing <lj-cut> before a chunk of text and </lj-cut> after it, it collapses that portion of your entry to a link that people can then click on it to expand the entry.

...Hot stuff.

Oh, and here's how to upload images if you don't know how to- BAM- so yeah. Enough for now? I think so.

Happy posting and reading,
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